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Your 5-star luxury Guest House in Cape Town for unforgettable holidays

It is our pleasure to welcome you at the Vyn Guest House – the fulfilment of our dream of a luxury design accomodation for your holidays in Cape Town – uniquely situated, with five exclusive and individual guest rooms, energy efficient and sustainably operated. We opened in May 2023 and received our official 5-star rating. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Each of our spacious and luxurious suites is lovingly and uniquely designed

The layout and design of our guest accommodation were a true team effort. Jeanette, our architect, developed a brilliant layout so that each suite and room offers the most breath-taking views over Hout Bay and the surrounding mountains including the famous Chapman's Peak Drive. We have drawn on all our experience from many years of leisure and business travel to create areas for relaxation and enjoyment that are equally practical. Martina has lovingly selected every piece of furniture and decorative element – many are individually designed, and custom-made – to create beautiful retreats for your holiday.

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Our vision of a sustainable guest house

For us, sustainability means seeing ourselves as part of our natural environment, developing an understanding of the crucial interconnections and making a positive contribution based on this.
We use a solar power system with high-performance batteries for our energy supply. Moreover, in a large tank, we collect the rainwater that falls in Cape Town, especially in the winter months. Naturally, the water is cleaned extensively and thoroughly. All this also makes us largely independent of possible bottlenecks in the public infrastructure, without our guests having to forego any comfort. In addition, we want to contribute to the local community – for instance, by supporting local initiatives and by purchasing as regionally as possible. This is not difficult because of the overwhelming variety of exquisite food in the nearby surroundings.

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We would like to share our dream of a unique guest house with you

Right from the start, we were enthusiastic about this beautiful and impressive country and especially about the Cape and the "Mother City". Gradually, over the years of repeatedly visiting this country, we developed the idea of building a house and inviting guests to stay with us. We are Martina, your host, and Klaus, who continues to work in Germany and supports Martina in all aspects.
The idea was that it should not just be a mere guest house, but simply unique – with a superb location, beautiful, contemporary design, a luxurious ambience, a sustainable concept and, last but not least, the people who work together to create a truly special place here.

It should not just be a guest house, but simply unique - through a great location, beautiful, contemporary design, a luxurious ambience, a sustainable concept and last but not least through the people who create a special place here together.

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