Privacy Policy

1 The Guest agrees that the Guesthouse will have to obtain and by law will be required to store personal information of the Guest (including their family members and visitors) in respect of the booking and whilst rendering and for purposes of rendering the services under the booking and may further only process such information for the specific purposes of complying with its obligations pursuant to the booking.

2 The Parties agree that if personal information will be processed for additional purposes beyond the original purpose for which it was obtained, explicit written consent must be obtained beforehand from the other party.

3 The Parties shall at all times comply with the provisions of all laws, which regulate the protection of personal data, including but not limited to the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (“POPIA”). The Guest hereby consents in terms of POPIA to the Guesthouse obtaining, storing and processing the personal data for purposes of rendering the services envisaged in the booking and any ancillary services in future, including notifications of any special offers and the inclusion in mailing lists of the Guesthouse (which will have an opt-out feature).

4 The Parties shall comply with all laws, policies, and procedures relating to the protection, storage, handling, privacy, processing and retention of data as well as the destruction of data, including personal data.

5 The parties shall not sell, offer for sale or dispose of or attempt to dispose of or create or allow the encumbrance over any personal data coming from any booking.

6 No credit card information is retained or stored by the Guesthouse.

7 The Guest undertakes to give full and accurate information when making the booking and to update same whenever applicable. The Guesthouse is accordingly entitled to rely on the completeness and accuracy of such information.

8 Any complaints pertaining to the Privacy Policy may be addressed to

9 Any dispute hereunder must first be brought to the other party’s attention in writing for the other party to respond thereto and resolve the dispute within 14 days of receipt of the notice of the dispute before any legal proceedings can be instituted, except for urgent interdictory relief. The Parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court, Western Cape Division, Cape Town. Other than as set out herein, the Guesthouse does not subscribe to any alternative dispute resolution code.