Blog: Construction

The water concept of our guest house – building block of sustainable tourism in Cape Town

Our vision of a sustainable guest house When we were planning the house, it was...

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Holidays, Hike Pipe Track Cape Town

Special holidays at the construction site

In March, Klaus also came to Cape Town for three weeks. He had to work...

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Excavator starts working on our plot

Blissfully happy – we REALLY start construction

The next step was to observe incidences. If they went down in Germany for seasonal...

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Destiny - River in Kruger National Park

The setback caused by the pandemic

At the end of November 2019, we were finally ready with the planning. We could...

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First model of our planned house. view from the front in the evening

The hunt for the architect

For the time being, we only had a plot of land, but doing nothing is...

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